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The Ultimate Guide to SLCN


Price : £23.99


Help to develop the SLCN knowledge base of your workforce for a communication friendly school.

‘The Ultimate Guide to SLCN’ has been written by our qualified speech and language therapists who have extensive experience working in mainstream schools and specialist education settings. We aim to demystify SLCN, and the common childhood conditions which may be related, so that you can better understand the children in your classroom. This definitive reference book offers:

  • Guidance for your whole school so that your community can become truly inclusive and communication friendly.
  • Practical and specific advice on how to support children, in the classroom, with regard to the particular diagnoses or needs that they may have.

We believe that supporting children starts with understanding them. This new, A5, full colour handbook will enable staff to feel confident in unpicking and understanding the needs of the children who they meet - an essential resource for the whole school community.

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