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Poster Pack


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This set of 3 classroom posters provide key tips for developing children’s speech and language skills.

The Language in the Classroom poster provides a comprehensive guide for reception classes. It lists key vocabulary and strategies for important areas of language development including; concepts, following instructions, answering questions and building vocabulary skills. Simple whole class activities are also described.

The Top 10 Talking Tips are simple high quality teaching strategies that can be used across the class to support children’s understanding of language. This poster is suitable for Foundation, Key stage 1 and 2.

The Top 10 Speech Tips are strategies that staff can use to support and encourage children with speech sound difficulties. This poster is suitable for Nursery, Foundation and Key stage 1.

Use all three posters to create a language friendly classroom.

Main Poster (A1) Dimensions: H 841mm W 594mm

Small Posters (A3) Dimensions: H 420mm W 297mm

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